ThePirateBay RSS Feeds fail

I have encountered this error with qBittorrent. Magnet Torrents from RSS can’t be added.

It produces a generic error. The feeds look fine on Firefox – but there is a difference somewhere inside. I turned my server inside and out before changing ThePirateBay to other sources and then it worked..

This is a known issue but somehow very few sites talk about it.



Why cloud computing?

[one_half first]

[iconbox title=’Cloud’ icon=’upload.png’ ]I’m supposed to be praising Clouds and all it’s glory – I guess. But why?[/iconbox]



[iconbox title=’Basics’ icon=’write.png’ ]Back to basics. Why do we need an iphone, ipad, macbook pro, macbook air and apple tv? Does each of these devices have their own purpose? I don’t think so.[/iconbox]


In fact I see many things missing in this setup: I only use an iphone and a notebook – a windows box serves as media and gaming station (cheaper than a dvd/appletv solution and with great 3D gaming power). I also need a server on linux. Each separated, each have their own backup systems and share media on good ol’ samba. I simply don’t get Cloud, so call me stupid…