vCenter web client can’t open console

Some of my users have run into this error when opening the console view (popup) while logged in vCenter 5.5:

“Can’t establish connection to the server at 7331” (Chrome)

The actual error message may vary by browser. Some windows 7 clients can use it normally, until recent windows updates. Windows 8.1 clients all failed.

I connected by ssh to the vCenter server (NOT the ESXi host) and edited this config file

vi /usr/lib/vmware-vsphere-client/server/wrapper/conf/wrapper/conf

scan the file and add the following line if not present:


Then enter ESC, :w and :q to save and quit the file. Restart the web client (/etc/init.d/vsphere-client restart)

It can take a while to properly restart the vCenter. Give it a few minutes. That solution worked for me.

Frequent Ubuntu problem with Grub

Ever since I built this Ubuntu server in 2011 (from which you read this post), I had some issues.

Some circumstances: power failure, automatic update, minor change to BIOS; caused the system to show the Grub screen during boot, and freeze on this screen with no keyboard reactivity.

I tried to reinstall, which makes the system operational but still vulnerable to the same phenomenon.

Instead of reinstalling, fixing the MBR and Grub with a bootable usb with Rescatux sometimes help but not really fix it, although these tools are by far the best. BTW they also include windows password reset and multi-os management tools.

What worked for me is using the original supergrub (hard to find, fits on floppy) to detect any OS and manage to boot on my system. But the GRUB is still broken at this point.

The best tool is a Ubuntu app called Boot Repair. You could boot in any ubuntu to install and run this app (eg from a ubuntu install disk) to fix your system.

I think this is a very specific problem to my PC caused by my motherboard’s bios. It is faulty – I cant use default CPU/Ram speed or the system is unstable- it is a pentium 4 PC I got for 30$. It could be something wrong with Ubuntu updates, although unlikely.

Rediscovered Minecraft: Hexxit

I bought Minecraft years ago and ragequit when online servers were destroying what I built. So I built my own server but that was too much work to try making a commercial application of minecraft with a feudal system to lure players and motivate them to donate and etc..

I lost track of what was fun. Then I found out about Hexxit.

The focus is on adventure. Just play the game. I set up “The Doctorate” again, and will accept anyone who cares to join me and ride Chocobos to a fallen meteor and stuff!

Pique my internets

I may have invented a new expression. I really love it:

Pique my internets

“Pique my interest” is an old idiom with (commonly misspelled) french word pique. Internets (with a s, intentionally) is a really fun word I like to use. It sounds very close to “interest” and could be a cool misspell.

“Pique my Internets” would be used to say someone has piqued your interest over the Internet.

I googled it and it is non-existant until I used in in a Facebook post.

Samba Troubleshooting

I had a few issues with Samba today. I used this link:

Step by step diagnosis for what can be trick inter-platform issues of file sharing. Of course, this guide was made by someone who’s in the samba team, not some nerd blogger that pollutes the Internet – so you can rely on it.

ThePirateBay RSS Feeds fail

I have encountered this error with qBittorrent. Magnet Torrents from RSS can’t be added.

It produces a generic error. The feeds look fine on Firefox – but there is a difference somewhere inside. I turned my server inside and out before changing ThePirateBay to other sources and then it worked..

This is a known issue but somehow very few sites talk about it.