Bill Maher and the blunt attack on Muslims

Comedian Bill Maher recently argued Islam is the worst religion, as evidenced by middle east violence.

He was cheered and applauded by all, except actor Ben Afflec, who was a guest, that took the “liberal” position of defending minorities and called him a bigot.

This sparked a debate Liberals vs Atheists across the internet. The fabric of space-time itself almost ripped apart!

On the surface, it’s hard for me to take a side, but reading the quotes carefully, and with the help of TYT host Cenk Uygur who dismantled the arguments of both sides in the news show and two interviews. First, with Reza Aslan, who is a Muslim with expertise on Bible studies. Aslan is an eloquent scholar who was made famous promoting his book hilariously on Fox News who was baffled a Muslim could be allowed to talk about Jesus.

Then another interview (LONG) with Bill Meher’s advocate and bigot in sheep’s clothing, Sam Harris:


All Muslim are hateful and cruel? All Muslims have the same, evil, Koran interpretation? And of course, all Xians are angels, then? This is what you’re saying, Bill Maher – this is why it’s wrong to say it.

Is it wrong to be politically correct? Why is that expression said with satire, these days? No, it’s always a good idea to hide your racism. Always refer to the terrorism problem as socio-political, extremism and/or fundamentalism.It’s also ok to say their religion is silly, just like any other religion – but respect their right to follow it peacefully.

Blaming Muslims (or Islam) is a lazy argument with counterproductive effects on World Peace.

The recent attacks in Canada seem to prove their point, though. But we’re at war! We bomb them, killing thousands (mostly civilians). When their murder 2-3 soldiers at home, we are shocked. Terrorism is the fruit of our warmonger governments.

The media and conservative governments are quick to bundle Muslims. They are an easy enemy. An easy distraction to justify perpetual war.

(Update) Recently, TYT highlighted this media discrepancy when a christian fanatic beheaded a man the story was never reported with the same anti-muslim focus as another beheading committed in the same state.

What’s the solution to terrorism? How do we fix our Western democracy? I invite you to watch Cenk Uygur’s TYT and Russel Brand’s Truws:

2015 update


Islam, like any religion, is a man-made tool for good and evil. There’s a spectrum of ‘goodness’ in Muslims, a spectrum of how seriously they follow religion, as well. It is so broad, it’s almost irrelevant, and certainly unfair, to generalize about the behavior of extremists. As Atheist, we should all call them “religious extremist” and never put the label of xianity or islam on them – in respect of the BILLIONS who identify with this or that religion and never harmed anyone.
Or you join the Mahers and Harris in this world, and consider yourself SUPERIOR to these million of innocent theists, and claim you know better and it’s their fault for being upset at your insults.

Continuing our “Muslims are the worst!” series: Sam Harris had an interesting series of emails exchanged with Noam Chomsky. Cenk analyses and explains his conclusion of the winner of the debate in almost perfect harmony from my own opinion. I learned more about Chomsky and I wish I had time to read his book, I feel he is a much better Atheist hero than jerks like Harris.

Why do you hate the USA?

USA is a role model for the world in many aspects. It is designed to be an open and free country.

But the past 50 years, it has a tendency into a police state with corporate/establishment population-control based media. Also it always was a trap for corruption and crony capitalism. It is still the same today, much worse than 3rd world countries in terms of massive amounts of money dealt at the highest level. It is also one of the worse places for gun violence as well as income inequality.

It is no longer a place of opportunity as it once was, sadly. The salaries may seem higher but cost of living cancel out any savings that can be possible. Most Americans don’t have any savings anymore, and rely on family inheritance.

It is still a beacon for the World, though. And if steered in the right direction, it can save the rest of the World from it’s bad influence of the past decades – because inevitably other nations will copy what happen in the US.

No I don’t hate the USA, although it’s a popular rant topic with my friends and family in Canada. I think it’s still an awesome place and if they fix their sh*t, the world will be 45% better.

The nuclear bomb attacks on 1940’s Japanese Empire – Another controversial rant

If you know me, you might know little well known facts are one of my pet peeves. Another one are controversies and conspiracy theories – those with factual basis.

One such example is the WW2 nuclear weapons used on Japanese populations by the US government. Most americans today still think it was justified to use such violence and civilian deaths to get a surrender from the (evil) Japanese.

Here’s what I think.

The impact of the bombs is minimal compared to the sustained fire bombing of major cities that occurred the months before, arguably causing even more horrific deaths and civilian distress.

In spite of the general world view that the atomic bomb stopped the war, I think evidence shows the war was about to be concluded anyway. A few generals wanted to fight to the last man, it’s true. But civilian government (and the emperor) was ready to surrender. Discussions of surrender were taking place (with Russia as a middle-man). Long story short, the Americans wanted UNCONDITIONAL surrender, the Japanese thought they had more time to get better terms.

I also think the US administration, having spent billions (hundreds of billions in today’s money) on the atomic bomb project, was worried about the scandal if these expenses had not been at all useful in the war effort. This is a conspiracy theory but the insistent propaganda to portrait the atomic bomb as a war solution is suspicious.

vCenter web client can’t open console

Some of my users have run into this error when opening the console view (popup) while logged in vCenter 5.5:

“Can’t establish connection to the server at 7331” (Chrome)

The actual error message may vary by browser. Some windows 7 clients can use it normally, until recent windows updates. Windows 8.1 clients all failed.

I connected by ssh to the vCenter server (NOT the ESXi host) and edited this config file

vi /usr/lib/vmware-vsphere-client/server/wrapper/conf/wrapper/conf

scan the file and add the following line if not present:


Then enter ESC, :w and :q to save and quit the file. Restart the web client (/etc/init.d/vsphere-client restart)

It can take a while to properly restart the vCenter. Give it a few minutes. That solution worked for me.

Frequent Ubuntu problem with Grub

Ever since I built this Ubuntu server in 2011 (from which you read this post), I had some issues.

Some circumstances: power failure, automatic update, minor change to BIOS; caused the system to show the Grub screen during boot, and freeze on this screen with no keyboard reactivity.

I tried to reinstall, which makes the system operational but still vulnerable to the same phenomenon.

Instead of reinstalling, fixing the MBR and Grub with a bootable usb with Rescatux sometimes help but not really fix it, although these tools are by far the best. BTW they also include windows password reset and multi-os management tools.

What worked for me is using the original supergrub (hard to find, fits on floppy) to detect any OS and manage to boot on my system. But the GRUB is still broken at this point.

The best tool is a Ubuntu app called Boot Repair. You could boot in any ubuntu to install and run this app (eg from a ubuntu install disk) to fix your system.

I think this is a very specific problem to my PC caused by my motherboard’s bios. It is faulty – I cant use default CPU/Ram speed or the system is unstable- it is a pentium 4 PC I got for 30$. It could be something wrong with Ubuntu updates, although unlikely.

Obama: Worse than Nixon?

Obama vs Nixon

You might see this argument these days on neo-conservative media, relative to the “lie” that Obamacare would force people out of their existing (terrible) insurance. Most of the testimony on this was total bullshit. And I will not entertain this matter further.

However, I recently discussed on facebook that Obama might be worse than Nixon, because he is another neo-conservative.


I know, shocking. But think about it. Comparing both 5-year presidencies, Obama passed a lot of right-wing laws and executive orders. A lot of terrible stuff has been going on that is arguably worse than Watergate under his watch. And in Nixon’s presidency, many health and environmental bills were forged that improved the nation.

Follow me on this mind path by clicking for more…

Continue reading “Obama: Worse than Nixon?”

Rediscovered Minecraft: Hexxit

I bought Minecraft years ago and ragequit when online servers were destroying what I built. So I built my own server but that was too much work to try making a commercial application of minecraft with a feudal system to lure players and motivate them to donate and etc..

I lost track of what was fun. Then I found out about Hexxit.

The focus is on adventure. Just play the game. I set up “The Doctorate” again, and will accept anyone who cares to join me and ride Chocobos to a fallen meteor and stuff!

Pique my internets

I may have invented a new expression. I really love it:

Pique my internets

“Pique my interest” is an old idiom with (commonly misspelled) french word pique. Internets (with a s, intentionally) is a really fun word I like to use. It sounds very close to “interest” and could be a cool misspell.

“Pique my Internets” would be used to say someone has piqued your interest over the Internet.

I googled it and it is non-existant until I used in in a Facebook post.

Samba Troubleshooting

I had a few issues with Samba today. I used this link:

Step by step diagnosis for what can be trick inter-platform issues of file sharing. Of course, this guide was made by someone who’s in the samba team, not some nerd blogger that pollutes the Internet – so you can rely on it.