Who is to blame for #DrumpfPOTUS

Melinia Trump and her evil ways
The first lady and her evil ways, especially dangerous to heroic canadian wildlife

First, let’s admit nobody saw this coming. I warned about Trump during the primaries. Especially, after Clinton won the nomination, I was furious: I said the DNC just gave us a Trump president!

But around May I saw the polls and it seemed inevitable for Clinton to win. It was common knowledge. We we all wrong. Respected pollsters who dared to say Clinton would still win, but by a thin margin, were ridiculed.

A recent poll show 75% of the people think the media is biased towards Clinton, 8% towards Trump. Ironically, this really hurt her chances. Folks are tired of getting played.

Republicans now have the Senate, house, white house and the supreme Court. But, they are not united. Trump is not with the establishment gang. And he holds a grudge against them for treating him like a fool during the primaries. What we must fear is he’ll put disgusting figures in his cabinet. I’ve always said he’ll never accomplish anything because he’s too stupid and incompetent. But as you know I’ve been wrong before. Let’s see.
So how did this happen?
I always knew the Democrat’s defense strategy was wrong but didn’t realize their attacks were also wrong until late last night. They attacked Trump for misogyny, racism and bigotry. It was Free Advertising for him! It rattled his base! It was negative politics for her which discouraged her base to vote. So I blame the Democrat’s terrible DNA.
Cenk Ugyr went on a huge rant. Angry at the democratic party. They are paid to loose – he said that for years. I hope you democratic supporters understand what this means. Please do your research: they are paid to play soft politics and loose on issues and loose elections.
You wanna know who am I angry at? Californians and New Yorkers. You guys voted for Clinton in the primaries. She’s a terrible candidate. Bernie was polling 20 points ahead against Trump. You’re hopeless. Sure the DNC rigged it but still millions of you voted for this damaged woman.
What do you think hurt Clinton the most?
-debate rigging scandal
-being robotic
-dismissing trump because he’s not a real politician
-taking speech money weeks before her campaign
-taking Morocco king money days before her campaign
-not attacking trump enough on the bankruptcies
-not taking enough progressive policies #nodapl #notpp
Well there’s going to be a woman in the white house anyway right:
The potential for humor is endless for the next 4 years
The potential for humor is endless, bright side..

You’re wrong, Julien! Liberals wanted too much change and lost support of red blooded Americans. Liberalism is the reason we have Trump!

I haven’t watched CNN and Fox News, but I imagine that’s the rhetoric pushed 24/7 these days. I certainly saw this on smart people’s Facebook pages.

Democrats are not Liberals. It’s just a facade. Even those democrat representatives most praised by the unions voted for NAFTA, and now TPP is being pushed which is murdering jobs and quality of jobs in the US. Only a handful of truly progressive mavericks are allowed to represent democrats in Vermont and such,
They thought they could keep working class support while reaching for corporate pockets and seducing rednecks (unsuccessfully). At every failure, they tell themselves – well, we didn’t move right enough! The result? A democrat party that’s right of the republican party of the 80’s and 90’s with no real base. Obama reignited that flame but only in the election campaign with brilliant progressive speeches and he only tried to do a corporatist healthcare insurance. Politics don’t move without money in Washington so the democrats made a calculated choice: go corporate or go broke! They could have changed the game – campaign finance reform – when they were in power. But they thought they could keep power, keep the money, and keep the votes. Well they sure kept their money though!


Democrats today are nothing but corporate goons. Their failure to motivate their base, like they used to when Bill Clinton got elected, is the cause. They chose to shift right since and during Bill Clinton era, trying to seduce Republican voters that will never vote for them, instead of aggressively fighting for the liberal and progressive issues.
If you think Democrats are liberals, don’t reach across the aisle enough and that’s why they lost the last (several) elections -three strikes!- you understand nothing about US politics so you’d be a perfect Fox News or CNN contributor.
This analysis albeit eloquent, is not smart, it’s the total opposite. Proof is the Republicans never reach for compromise, they are firm and aggressive. Voters like that and are motivated to go to the polls – independents perceive their behavior as more genuine.

Long term, for dismantling their progressive platform, letting corporate media and the Republicans manipulate the truth (low taxes=jobs, etc.) and distancing themselves from Liberals, The Democrat Party is responsible for Trump.

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