Bernie vs Hillary

Recently, I was delighted to hear long-time consistantly liberal maverick Bernie Sanders was running for president. Finally, someone we can get behind.

Soon, you will observe Clinton present herself as a progressive champion – a total separation from the truth. Do NOT be fooled!

I will use this post to list reasons why we should support him, and also reasons not to support the Clinton aristocracy.

[This is a WIP.]

Reasons to favor Bernie Sanders

  1. He is consistent in his vote [sources needed]
  2. He’s a true progressive  [sources needed]
  3. He would abolish big money in politics
  4. He’s a pacifist, voted against the Iraq war

Reasons Clinton is the continuity of what’s wrong in Washington

  1. Clintons rake in millions in foreign donations
  2. Clintons gather millions in speaking fees as legal bribes. [tally total $]. Even their daughter, is getting up to 75,000 a pop to talk about.. diarrhea.
  3. Hillary voted for the Iraq war, often criticize Obama for not sending more troops (eg. Libya, Syria, Ukraine).

The Amazing Atheist recently made a nice summary:

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