Neo-feminism hurts the cause

I used to be a feminist. I dreamed of walking alongside suffragettes, like some men did at the time. I hope I would be a big enough man to fight for women’s rights, like they did.

If you know me on facebook, you might know my outrageous opinion towards feminists: I don’t like the new, extreme ones. They are the ones we see on old and new media these days. They can transform anything into ‘rape’ and blame ‘patriarchy’.

You must watch the ending of the video.. it becomes quite ridiculous and, frustrating. It’s everything that’s wrong about neo-feminism and it diminishes the whole cause by causing ridicule.

If you like anita sarkasian, you need to watch this fun analysis by AA.

And what to say about recent fake outrage (or plain, 100% constructed) videos about evil men abusing women. “Hollaback” and “drunk girl in public”(that one was 100% fake with paid actors) social experiments are linked with a clickbait tagline and the Internet just gobble it up. The videos get removed or comments adjusted after 12 million people see it, only a fraction will realize it was fake or misleading. This is bizarro fox news, liberal version. People are either mislead by it, or frustrated by the attempt to mislead them and rebel against feminism.

Finally, I want to talk about the wage gap. They say women earn 87c for each 1$ a man makes. This sounds about right, and that’s how this stat made it’s way in everyone’s brain, even the President! In fact, this is true, but not representative and misleading to assume this is because of discrimination of women. You can watch this video to explain the details, but the bottom line is that the wage gap is more like 4%.

Thanks, but no thanks, neo-feminists!

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