Pseudo-science theism

Work in progress

I live in Thailand and practice Buddhist rituals and meditation. I experience spiritual sensations but nothing convincing me those are beyond brain chemistry-related and sensory hallucinations. I didn’t try acid though. I just trust instruments, logic and math. My brain is not a scientific measurement tool.

In my facebook group and youtube, I noticed this new-age trend and it seems to be resurfacing. Russel Brand shocked me – I never knew this smart man is a theist – with this video:

Atheist and progressive rights celebrity hero Stephen Fry slams the hypothetical God in the face with his logic. Russel can also be described in the same way, but discovered God in some way. I considered him a Hero with his anti-capitalism ideas and eloquent discussions.

Russel and the other dudes here are using this new age approach to theism with pseudoscience backgrounds. Basically, they have huge egos and think their consciousness is evidence that god exists. I suppose Russel experienced with drugs and that ‘expands’ your mind into thinking certain levels of consciousness are superior that reality and that the universe is made of onion-like layers with God encompassing all. They use theoretical physics that seem to support their ideas (but don’t). I discussed with with them in detail on my Facebook group. look up ‘Intelligent Atheism’ if you’re interested ask to join….?

The critical mistake of those people is using the brain perception of drug/meditation infused experiences as evidence. The brain is not a scientific instrument or a fundamental math equation.

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