Bill Maher and the blunt attack on Muslims

Comedian Bill Maher recently argued Islam is the worst religion, as evidenced by middle east violence.

He was cheered and applauded by all, except actor Ben Afflec, who was a guest, that took the “liberal” position of defending minorities and called him a bigot.

This sparked a debate Liberals vs Atheists across the internet. The fabric of space-time itself almost ripped apart!

On the surface, it’s hard for me to take a side, but reading the quotes carefully, and with the help of TYT host Cenk Uygur who dismantled the arguments of both sides in the news show and two interviews. First, with Reza Aslan, who is a Muslim with expertise on Bible studies. Aslan is an eloquent scholar who was made famous promoting his book hilariously on Fox News who was baffled a Muslim could be allowed to talk about Jesus.

Then another interview (LONG) with Bill Meher’s advocate and bigot in sheep’s clothing, Sam Harris:


All Muslim are hateful and cruel? All Muslims have the same, evil, Koran interpretation? And of course, all Xians are angels, then? This is what you’re saying, Bill Maher – this is why it’s wrong to say it.

Is it wrong to be politically correct? Why is that expression said with satire, these days? No, it’s always a good idea to hide your racism. Always refer to the terrorism problem as socio-political, extremism and/or fundamentalism.It’s also ok to say their religion is silly, just like any other religion – but respect their right to follow it peacefully.

Blaming Muslims (or Islam) is a lazy argument with counterproductive effects on World Peace.

The recent attacks in Canada seem to prove their point, though. But we’re at war! We bomb them, killing thousands (mostly civilians). When their murder 2-3 soldiers at home, we are shocked. Terrorism is the fruit of our warmonger governments.

The media and conservative governments are quick to bundle Muslims. They are an easy enemy. An easy distraction to justify perpetual war.

(Update) Recently, TYT highlighted this media discrepancy when a christian fanatic beheaded a man the story was never reported with the same anti-muslim focus as another beheading committed in the same state.

What’s the solution to terrorism? How do we fix our Western democracy? I invite you to watch Cenk Uygur’s TYT and Russel Brand’s Truws:

2015 update


Islam, like any religion, is a man-made tool for good and evil. There’s a spectrum of ‘goodness’ in Muslims, a spectrum of how seriously they follow religion, as well. It is so broad, it’s almost irrelevant, and certainly unfair, to generalize about the behavior of extremists. As Atheist, we should all call them “religious extremist” and never put the label of xianity or islam on them – in respect of the BILLIONS who identify with this or that religion and never harmed anyone.
Or you join the Mahers and Harris in this world, and consider yourself SUPERIOR to these million of innocent theists, and claim you know better and it’s their fault for being upset at your insults.

Continuing our “Muslims are the worst!” series: Sam Harris had an interesting series of emails exchanged with Noam Chomsky. Cenk analyses and explains his conclusion of the winner of the debate in almost perfect harmony from my own opinion. I learned more about Chomsky and I wish I had time to read his book, I feel he is a much better Atheist hero than jerks like Harris.

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