Why do you hate the USA?

USA is a role model for the world in many aspects. It is designed to be an open and free country.

But the past 50 years, it has a tendency into a police state with corporate/establishment population-control based media. Also it always was a trap for corruption and crony capitalism. It is still the same today, much worse than 3rd world countries in terms of massive amounts of money dealt at the highest level. It is also one of the worse places for gun violence as well as income inequality.

It is no longer a place of opportunity as it once was, sadly. The salaries may seem higher but cost of living cancel out any savings that can be possible. Most Americans don’t have any savings anymore, and rely on family inheritance.

It is still a beacon for the World, though. And if steered in the right direction, it can save the rest of the World from it’s bad influence of the past decades – because inevitably other nations will copy what happen in the US.

No I don’t hate the USA, although it’s a popular rant topic with my friends and family in Canada. I think it’s still an awesome place and if they fix their sh*t, the world will be 45% better.

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