I’m back baby!

New stuff, new challenges, new experiences!

What’s new:

  • Helped a friend in SQL Server and MS Access (eww)
  • Got a new job in MVC 5 and Kendo UI (wow)
  • Got a new apartment (gotta start somewhere)
  • Got the chance to exercise a lot (skate, hiking, biking)
  • Setup Flex to view my server Media
  • Got 50Mb Teksavvy VDSL
  • Got a nice tomato-wared router with blazing wifi speed for cheap
  • Got my wordpress site working again after hours and hours of linuxery

Brushing up my skills is super fun. Wish I had more time…

CIA Torture

The CIA report came out and I didn’t think it was interesting to discuss it on my blog until I saw this Pew poll in the news. 51% of americans seem to agree that the CIA torture program was necessary. A 43% portion of the population also seem to think the report shouldn’t have been made public either. So, we might have a debate here…

See this TYT video for more info


  • Question 1) Is torture justified in any scenario? 
    No. I was torn on this until I see statistics on what happens in the real world and how effective it is. The bottom line is the negative effects on how your country is perceived will outweigh any benefits every time.

    2) Was the CIA torture program overall justified?
    If you see the TYT reports on this and any retort to Cheney’s tour of torture in the media recently, it’s easy to see how idiotic and corrupt the CIA is. They’re wrong 99% of the time, it is probably intentional to take advantage of war interests – and they stopped working for the US citizens’ interests long ago. Even without torture I wouldn’t agree with the CIA.

    3) Are you glad the report was released?

    4) Should more information be revealed, such as the bush torture pictures?
    Yes, without endangering troops or agents. If you still think Obama is a good president, please reconsider. He’s preventing those pictures to be released, he’s never going to prosecute anyone in power. The only CIA agent in prison NOW is the guy who revealed this program! Fuck!
    I can’t help but thinking people think torture is even remotely acceptable because of racism and/or revenge. What could be the other reason? Cheney got confronted about the Japanese WW2 torture and was really upset. He said the CIA’s technique is better because the feet are elevated (in simulated drowning)

The nuclear bomb attacks on 1940’s Japanese Empire – Another controversial rant

If you know me, you might know little well known facts are one of my pet peeves. Another one are controversies and conspiracy theories – those with factual basis.

One such example is the WW2 nuclear weapons used on Japanese populations by the US government. Most americans today still think it was justified to use such violence and civilian deaths to get a surrender from the (evil) Japanese.

Here’s what I think.

The impact of the bombs is minimal compared to the sustained fire bombing of major cities that occurred the months before, arguably causing even more horrific deaths and civilian distress.

In spite of the general world view that the atomic bomb stopped the war, I think evidence shows the war was about to be concluded anyway. A few generals wanted to fight to the last man, it’s true. But civilian government (and the emperor) was ready to surrender. Discussions of surrender were taking place (with Russia as a middle-man). Long story short, the Americans wanted UNCONDITIONAL surrender, the Japanese thought they had more time to get better terms.

I also think the US administration, having spent billions (hundreds of billions in today’s money) on the atomic bomb project, was worried about the scandal if these expenses had not been at all useful in the war effort. This is a conspiracy theory but the insistent propaganda to portrait the atomic bomb as a war solution is suspicious.

Obama: Worse than Nixon?

Obama vs Nixon

You might see this argument these days on neo-conservative media, relative to the “lie” that Obamacare would force people out of their existing (terrible) insurance. Most of the testimony on this was total bullshit. And I will not entertain this matter further.

However, I recently discussed on facebook that Obama might be worse than Nixon, because he is another neo-conservative.


I know, shocking. But think about it. Comparing both 5-year presidencies, Obama passed a lot of right-wing laws and executive orders. A lot of terrible stuff has been going on that is arguably worse than Watergate under his watch. And in Nixon’s presidency, many health and environmental bills were forged that improved the nation.

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Why cloud computing?

[one_half first]

[iconbox title=’Cloud’ icon=’upload.png’ ]I’m supposed to be praising Clouds and all it’s glory – I guess. But why?[/iconbox]



[iconbox title=’Basics’ icon=’write.png’ ]Back to basics. Why do we need an iphone, ipad, macbook pro, macbook air and apple tv? Does each of these devices have their own purpose? I don’t think so.[/iconbox]


In fact I see many things missing in this setup: I only use an iphone and a notebook – a windows box serves as media and gaming station (cheaper than a dvd/appletv solution and with great 3D gaming power). I also need a server on linux. Each separated, each have their own backup systems and share media on good ol’ samba. I simply don’t get Cloud, so call me stupid…