Server upgrade

It’s spring time! Time for a server upgrade.

I had a nice i7 laying around. I visited the friendly PC recycling shops in Montreal and got myself a brand new Dell server!

It cost me 150$. It’s overkill compared to what Ubuntu needs.


Here is the old Pentium 4 server.

The new server has 7TB of storage (not included in the price, I only buy brand new disks). I’ll be ok for a while.

Who is to blame for #DrumpfPOTUS

Melinia Trump and her evil ways
The first lady and her evil ways, especially dangerous to heroic canadian wildlife

First, let’s admit nobody saw this coming. I warned about Trump during the primaries. Especially, after Clinton won the nomination, I was furious: I said the DNC just gave us a Trump president!

But around May I saw the polls and it seemed inevitable for Clinton to win. It was common knowledge. We we all wrong. Respected pollsters who dared to say Clinton would still win, but by a thin margin, were ridiculed.

A recent poll show 75% of the people think the media is biased towards Clinton, 8% towards Trump. Ironically, this really hurt her chances. Folks are tired of getting played.

Republicans now have the Senate, house, white house and the supreme Court. But, they are not united. Trump is not with the establishment gang. And he holds a grudge against them for treating him like a fool during the primaries. What we must fear is he’ll put disgusting figures in his cabinet. I’ve always said he’ll never accomplish anything because he’s too stupid and incompetent. But as you know I’ve been wrong before. Let’s see.
So how did this happen?
I always knew the Democrat’s defense strategy was wrong but didn’t realize their attacks were also wrong until late last night. They attacked Trump for misogyny, racism and bigotry. It was Free Advertising for him! It rattled his base! It was negative politics for her which discouraged her base to vote. So I blame the Democrat’s terrible DNA.
Cenk Ugyr went on a huge rant. Angry at the democratic party. They are paid to loose – he said that for years. I hope you democratic supporters understand what this means. Please do your research: they are paid to play soft politics and loose on issues and loose elections.
You wanna know who am I angry at? Californians and New Yorkers. You guys voted for Clinton in the primaries. She’s a terrible candidate. Bernie was polling 20 points ahead against Trump. You’re hopeless. Sure the DNC rigged it but still millions of you voted for this damaged woman.
What do you think hurt Clinton the most?
-debate rigging scandal
-being robotic
-dismissing trump because he’s not a real politician
-taking speech money weeks before her campaign
-taking Morocco king money days before her campaign
-not attacking trump enough on the bankruptcies
-not taking enough progressive policies #nodapl #notpp
Well there’s going to be a woman in the white house anyway right:
The potential for humor is endless for the next 4 years
The potential for humor is endless, bright side..

You’re wrong, Julien! Liberals wanted too much change and lost support of red blooded Americans. Liberalism is the reason we have Trump!

I haven’t watched CNN and Fox News, but I imagine that’s the rhetoric pushed 24/7 these days. I certainly saw this on smart people’s Facebook pages.

Democrats are not Liberals. It’s just a facade. Even those democrat representatives most praised by the unions voted for NAFTA, and now TPP is being pushed which is murdering jobs and quality of jobs in the US. Only a handful of truly progressive mavericks are allowed to represent democrats in Vermont and such,
They thought they could keep working class support while reaching for corporate pockets and seducing rednecks (unsuccessfully). At every failure, they tell themselves – well, we didn’t move right enough! The result? A democrat party that’s right of the republican party of the 80’s and 90’s with no real base. Obama reignited that flame but only in the election campaign with brilliant progressive speeches and he only tried to do a corporatist healthcare insurance. Politics don’t move without money in Washington so the democrats made a calculated choice: go corporate or go broke! They could have changed the game – campaign finance reform – when they were in power. But they thought they could keep power, keep the money, and keep the votes. Well they sure kept their money though!


Democrats today are nothing but corporate goons. Their failure to motivate their base, like they used to when Bill Clinton got elected, is the cause. They chose to shift right since and during Bill Clinton era, trying to seduce Republican voters that will never vote for them, instead of aggressively fighting for the liberal and progressive issues.
If you think Democrats are liberals, don’t reach across the aisle enough and that’s why they lost the last (several) elections -three strikes!- you understand nothing about US politics so you’d be a perfect Fox News or CNN contributor.
This analysis albeit eloquent, is not smart, it’s the total opposite. Proof is the Republicans never reach for compromise, they are firm and aggressive. Voters like that and are motivated to go to the polls – independents perceive their behavior as more genuine.

Long term, for dismantling their progressive platform, letting corporate media and the Republicans manipulate the truth (low taxes=jobs, etc.) and distancing themselves from Liberals, The Democrat Party is responsible for Trump.

Bernie vs Hillary

Recently, I was delighted to hear long-time consistantly liberal maverick Bernie Sanders was running for president. Finally, someone we can get behind.

Soon, you will observe Clinton present herself as a progressive champion – a total separation from the truth. Do NOT be fooled!

I will use this post to list reasons why we should support him, and also reasons not to support the Clinton aristocracy.

[This is a WIP.]

Reasons to favor Bernie Sanders

  1. He is consistent in his vote [sources needed]
  2. He’s a true progressive  [sources needed]
  3. He would abolish big money in politics
  4. He’s a pacifist, voted against the Iraq war

Reasons Clinton is the continuity of what’s wrong in Washington

  1. Clintons rake in millions in foreign donations
  2. Clintons gather millions in speaking fees as legal bribes. [tally total $]. Even their daughter, is getting up to 75,000 a pop to talk about.. diarrhea.
  3. Hillary voted for the Iraq war, often criticize Obama for not sending more troops (eg. Libya, Syria, Ukraine).

The Amazing Atheist recently made a nice summary:

Neo-feminism hurts the cause

I used to be a feminist. I dreamed of walking alongside suffragettes, like some men did at the time. I hope I would be a big enough man to fight for women’s rights, like they did.

If you know me on facebook, you might know my outrageous opinion towards feminists: I don’t like the new, extreme ones. They are the ones we see on old and new media these days. They can transform anything into ‘rape’ and blame ‘patriarchy’.

You must watch the ending of the video.. it becomes quite ridiculous and, frustrating. It’s everything that’s wrong about neo-feminism and it diminishes the whole cause by causing ridicule.

If you like anita sarkasian, you need to watch this fun analysis by AA.

And what to say about recent fake outrage (or plain, 100% constructed) videos about evil men abusing women. “Hollaback” and “drunk girl in public”(that one was 100% fake with paid actors) social experiments are linked with a clickbait tagline and the Internet just gobble it up. The videos get removed or comments adjusted after 12 million people see it, only a fraction will realize it was fake or misleading. This is bizarro fox news, liberal version. People are either mislead by it, or frustrated by the attempt to mislead them and rebel against feminism.

Finally, I want to talk about the wage gap. They say women earn 87c for each 1$ a man makes. This sounds about right, and that’s how this stat made it’s way in everyone’s brain, even the President! In fact, this is true, but not representative and misleading to assume this is because of discrimination of women. You can watch this video to explain the details, but the bottom line is that the wage gap is more like 4%.

Thanks, but no thanks, neo-feminists!

LGBT rights persecuted in Indiana/Virginia – Or are they?

George Takei recently called his fans to boycott Indiana.

“I myself am a Buddhist, not a Christian. But I cannot help but think that if Christ ran a public establishment, it would be open to all, and He would be the last to refuse service to anyone. It is, simply put, the most un-Christian of notions.”

– George Takei

This is in light of new laws that have/will pass in Virginia:


And later, in Indiana where the reaction was more intense:

Indiana’s RFRA law, explained(1:57)


All eyes are on Indiana after Governor Mike Pence (R) signed a controversial religious freedom bill into law. The Post’s Sarah Pulliam Bailey explains what exactly is in the law and why both sides are so vocal. (Pamela Kirkland/The Washington Post)

Continue reading “LGBT rights persecuted in Indiana/Virginia – Or are they?”

Pseudo-science theism

Work in progress

I live in Thailand and practice Buddhist rituals and meditation. I experience spiritual sensations but nothing convincing me those are beyond brain chemistry-related and sensory hallucinations. I didn’t try acid though. I just trust instruments, logic and math. My brain is not a scientific measurement tool.

In my facebook group and youtube, I noticed this new-age trend and it seems to be resurfacing. Russel Brand shocked me – I never knew this smart man is a theist – with this video:

Atheist and progressive rights celebrity hero Stephen Fry slams the hypothetical God in the face with his logic. Russel can also be described in the same way, but discovered God in some way. I considered him a Hero with his anti-capitalism ideas and eloquent discussions.

Russel and the other dudes here are using this new age approach to theism with pseudoscience backgrounds. Basically, they have huge egos and think their consciousness is evidence that god exists. I suppose Russel experienced with drugs and that ‘expands’ your mind into thinking certain levels of consciousness are superior that reality and that the universe is made of onion-like layers with God encompassing all. They use theoretical physics that seem to support their ideas (but don’t). I discussed with with them in detail on my Facebook group. look up ‘Intelligent Atheism’ if you’re interested ask to join….?

The critical mistake of those people is using the brain perception of drug/meditation infused experiences as evidence. The brain is not a scientific instrument or a fundamental math equation.

Running multiple sites on Ubuntu + Apache2


Before I forget how to do this again… And because the info on the web is so confusing, mixing hundreds of different ways to do it. I try to use the latest Ubuntu methods not the traditional linux ones.

I want to share with y’all how I made it work. My server currently has 2 wordpress sites, 2 joomla sites and a phpmyadmin site.  joo  wp  wp  Virtual Folder                    joo

It’s finally all neat and tidy. I prefer this to using WordPress (multisite) function. Each site has separate mysql databases and permissions.

First, assure all domains are grouped by your DNS provider and all updated to a new ip if you’re using a dynamic WAN IP. I use no-ip and instructions are here to update the IP automatically:

Also consider your router must redirect your port 80 (and ssl 443) to your ubuntu server.

Then understand that apache will receive the http and direct it using .htaccess and “sites-enabled” configurations. Sites enabled have a symbolic link to sites-available and I modified this

sudo nano /etc/apache2/sites-available/default

Also consider “default-ssl” in the same directory for processing ssl. I’m not there yet though.

In the config, each site has their html and php root in their respective /usr/share folders (which have www-data ownership and group access 755 – that’s another story).

<VirtualHost *:80>
DocumentRoot /usr/share/joomla
<VirtualHost *:80>
DocumentRoot /usr/share/badminton
<VirtualHost *:80>
DocumentRoot /usr/share/wordpress


it may be necessary to specify other things relative to script alias and security measures but I’m done for now.

Bill Maher and the blunt attack on Muslims

Comedian Bill Maher recently argued Islam is the worst religion, as evidenced by middle east violence.

He was cheered and applauded by all, except actor Ben Afflec, who was a guest, that took the “liberal” position of defending minorities and called him a bigot.

This sparked a debate Liberals vs Atheists across the internet. The fabric of space-time itself almost ripped apart!

On the surface, it’s hard for me to take a side, but reading the quotes carefully, and with the help of TYT host Cenk Uygur who dismantled the arguments of both sides in the news show and two interviews. First, with Reza Aslan, who is a Muslim with expertise on Bible studies. Aslan is an eloquent scholar who was made famous promoting his book hilariously on Fox News who was baffled a Muslim could be allowed to talk about Jesus.

Then another interview (LONG) with Bill Meher’s advocate and bigot in sheep’s clothing, Sam Harris:


All Muslim are hateful and cruel? All Muslims have the same, evil, Koran interpretation? And of course, all Xians are angels, then? This is what you’re saying, Bill Maher – this is why it’s wrong to say it.

Is it wrong to be politically correct? Why is that expression said with satire, these days? No, it’s always a good idea to hide your racism. Always refer to the terrorism problem as socio-political, extremism and/or fundamentalism.It’s also ok to say their religion is silly, just like any other religion – but respect their right to follow it peacefully.

Blaming Muslims (or Islam) is a lazy argument with counterproductive effects on World Peace.

The recent attacks in Canada seem to prove their point, though. But we’re at war! We bomb them, killing thousands (mostly civilians). When their murder 2-3 soldiers at home, we are shocked. Terrorism is the fruit of our warmonger governments.

The media and conservative governments are quick to bundle Muslims. They are an easy enemy. An easy distraction to justify perpetual war.

(Update) Recently, TYT highlighted this media discrepancy when a christian fanatic beheaded a man the story was never reported with the same anti-muslim focus as another beheading committed in the same state.

What’s the solution to terrorism? How do we fix our Western democracy? I invite you to watch Cenk Uygur’s TYT and Russel Brand’s Truws:

2015 update


Islam, like any religion, is a man-made tool for good and evil. There’s a spectrum of ‘goodness’ in Muslims, a spectrum of how seriously they follow religion, as well. It is so broad, it’s almost irrelevant, and certainly unfair, to generalize about the behavior of extremists. As Atheist, we should all call them “religious extremist” and never put the label of xianity or islam on them – in respect of the BILLIONS who identify with this or that religion and never harmed anyone.
Or you join the Mahers and Harris in this world, and consider yourself SUPERIOR to these million of innocent theists, and claim you know better and it’s their fault for being upset at your insults.

Continuing our “Muslims are the worst!” series: Sam Harris had an interesting series of emails exchanged with Noam Chomsky. Cenk analyses and explains his conclusion of the winner of the debate in almost perfect harmony from my own opinion. I learned more about Chomsky and I wish I had time to read his book, I feel he is a much better Atheist hero than jerks like Harris.

Why do you hate the USA?

USA is a role model for the world in many aspects. It is designed to be an open and free country.

But the past 50 years, it has a tendency into a police state with corporate/establishment population-control based media. Also it always was a trap for corruption and crony capitalism. It is still the same today, much worse than 3rd world countries in terms of massive amounts of money dealt at the highest level. It is also one of the worse places for gun violence as well as income inequality.

It is no longer a place of opportunity as it once was, sadly. The salaries may seem higher but cost of living cancel out any savings that can be possible. Most Americans don’t have any savings anymore, and rely on family inheritance.

It is still a beacon for the World, though. And if steered in the right direction, it can save the rest of the World from it’s bad influence of the past decades – because inevitably other nations will copy what happen in the US.

No I don’t hate the USA, although it’s a popular rant topic with my friends and family in Canada. I think it’s still an awesome place and if they fix their sh*t, the world will be 45% better.